12 Reasons For a Lack of Sex Drive

When sex is not your passion any more, and how to improve the state of things

1. Stress

It does not matter what is upsetting you – you may have problems at work, or in your relationship, but what ever it is, your stress is eliminating your libido as a consequence. Sex is  often a good way to relax, but you should start with something else first. That’s why you need to be able to take things easy and control your stress. There are a lot of techniques and methods to help you cope, you just need to select the one that will work the best for you.

2. Relationship problems

Sadly, conflicts often happen in a relationships sooner or later, and it is not easy to completely avoid them. They are caused by various things such as cheating, misunderstanding and betrayal. In most cases, libido fades after such a sad experience. And while there are couples whose quarrels turn on and inspire hot sex, this is really an exception to the rule. Sometimes, people are still able to be sexually attracted to others, however, their partners no longer ignite a sparkle.

The way out is rather long and boring. Partners need to analyze and realize what is wrong. Perhaps you don’t find your partner attractive any longer, maybe you don’t spend enough time together to feel close. If you can’t revive your former passion, then solving the problem may be as radical as parting, and trying to be happy in a new relationship.

3. Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol in small doses may stimulate, as well as help to relax you. Yet, it spoils everything when a person can’t stop, and is literally is “too drunk to get it on,” or does not have a need for it. When misused, it affects one’s health in a very negative way, and it is not beneficial for sexual intercourse either. What is more, a drunk person is not at all appealing to others, and may even come across as disgusting. The way out is to only drink minimal amounts, or seek professional advice to get rid of the alcohol addiction.

4. Lack of sleep

If you fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow, you don’t have any desire to have sex, or even think about it. The fact of the matter is that when you are too tired, your body tries to recharge its energy stores, and this is the number one priority in such a situation. So in this scenario, sex becomes less important.

There are several reasons why people don’t sleep enough. Sometimes they are too busy, and in some cases, they have a sleep disorder. When you have your hands full, you need to decide what is more significant for you. If your sexual life still means something to you, you have to reorganise your day in order to have more free time, and a good rest.

If you suffer from insomnia or apnea, you should seek advice for a suitable remedy, such as a supplement, which can help you get excellent sleep.

5. Small Children

With a small baby in the family, young parents have too much on their plate, and are often too tired or too stressed to make love. They don’t sleep enough, have to adjust to their new roles, and are constantly interrupted when their child is crying. These problems pass with time, but it is still desirable to find a way to spend some time together by entrusting the child with a baby-sitter, relatives, or friends.

6. Medications

Anti-depressants, anti-hypertension pills, and other drugs, decrease sexual desire. If you feel that your libido is suffering from such a remedy, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor to prescribe other types of pills which do not have such a negative effect on your sexual life.

7. Low self-esteem

Some people are too shy to show their body to their partners, as they don’t consider themselves sexually appealing, even if their partner finds them quite attractive. To have successful sexual intercourse, a person should feel sufficiently sexy. If they don’t, then they should work on the problem by trying to improve their outward appearance, and accept what can’t be corrected. Don’t be shy to ask for psychological help if you feel you need it, as a good self-esteem is well worth it.

8. Excessive weight

Excess weight is not just a reason for psychological complexes, it is also bad for health, and even dangerous, as it increases blood pressure and causes blood vessel and hormonal issues. Fat evokes many diseases affecting different body organs and systems. There is little desire to have sexual intercourse under such circumstances.

Besides, being overweight is often accompanied by low self-esteem, something which is another cause of low sex drive.

If abnormal weight becomes an issue, do your best to get back into shape by following a good exercise and diet program.  Once you become fit again, your sexual desire returns.

9. Erectile dysfunction

This concerns males who are unable be sexually active, even if they would like to be. In such circumstances, they should seek medical help to have the cause diagnosed and treated. Sometimes, impotence is the result of another disease, so if the latter is successfully treated, then the problem can be resolved.

10. Low testosterone level

Hormone production depends on many factors, both internal and external. We are able to regulate them to some extent ourselves, if we change to a good diet and take up a sport which is beneficial for testosterone levels. Furthermore, sex influences testosterone as well, so if you have an opportunity to get it on, you should try to awaken your sex drive.

11. Depression

This is not the state when you feel sad and want something sweet, it is a heavy psychological disorder which requires treatment. Low libido is not the worst symptom of this disease. It can also be a side effect of antidepressants, so ask your doctor to select the type of pills which will suit you best.

12. Menopause

This is the time when a female’s hormonal balance changes. It can results in a lack of desire, and in addition to this, sexual intercourse is worsened by annoying sensations such as dryness and pain. These unpleasant issues can however, be successfully eliminated with lubricants.