5 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

Some prefer to sleep in comfortable pajamas, others in sexy nightgowns or even naked. The studies showed that sleeping naked is beneficial to our health. Here are the reasons why you should sleep naked.

1. Good for your skin

We wear clothes practically all the time and we do not let our skin breathe. However, it is essential for skin regeneration.

Sleeping naked, every skin cell is breathing freely which helps to prevent skin diseases. This is especially true about fungal infections.

2. Boosts your immunity

When we sleep without any clothes on, our body temperature is lower than usual. This and skin-to-skin contact reduces the cortisol production, the stress hormone which inhibits the immune response of the body.

More importantly, a hormone oxytocin is produced that is essential for regulating blood pressure and wound healing.

3. Prevents reproductive system diseases

To have a healthy male reproductive system, men should watch their clothes. It should be loose enough. Increased temperatures are also not good for the male reproductive system. Comfortably cool temperature in a bedroom and a habit to sleep naked help to prevent reproductive system diseases and improve the quality of the sperm.

Women also benefit from sleeping naked because it helps to prevent such yeast infection as a thrush. Bacteria grow very fast in a warm and moist environment.

Women who prefer pajamas are under the risk of developing cystitis. Wash your pajamas every day otherwise, intestinal bacteria may enter the urethra and cause cystitis.

4. A better sleep

Underwear and nightwear dig into the skin and rub it. Long gowns and loose pajamas are uncomfortable and make your sleep restless.

You may not remember it, but you wake up several times a night because your pajamas moved over your body again.

5. Better relations with your partner

The studies found out that there is a connection between sleeping naked and relations with a partner. As the studies showed, couples who sleep naked more often reported that they were happy in their relations.