5 Facts About Quinoa

Everything You Need To Know About Quinoa

Whether you already buy quinoa regularly or you are still not sure about this exotic food, read this article and you will learn 5 interesting facts about this grain crop.

1. Benefits do not depend on the color

The color of quinoa grains varies and it can be white, black or red. While the color of quinoa is different, the health benefits of this grain are the same. You may choose quinoa of any color. You should only know that white quinoa has a less bitter flavor after cooking; red and black quinoa hold its shape better and these quinoa types are fine to use in salads.

2. Rinsing before cooking

Every tiny grain of quinoa is covered with saponin which is a natural repellent. While saponin is not harmful to humans, it is responsible for a bitter flavor of quinoa after cooking. An obvious solution is to rinse quinoa, the problem is it is hard to find a well-designed colander for such tiny grains. The good news is that you can buy rinsed quinoa. 

3. Study the packaging, if you have gluten intolerance

Quinoa is promoted as a gluten-free product and in most cases, it is true. However, in a recent study, it was shown that out of 15 quinoa samples two had gluten. It is unlikely that you will find such quinoa in a supermarket but if you have gluten intolerance, pay attention to the label gluten-free.

4. Do not let organic and non-GMO labels fool you

Spend your money on organic apples or beef because quinoa is naturally organic. Quinoa is covered with a natural insecticide saponin which eliminates the need to use pesticides. Quinoa is also GMO-free and has never been under any modifications.

5. Peruvian farmers are fine

Many mass media recently published articles saying that quinoa was so much popular in the USA that farmers in Latin America can not afford to buy it (quinoa is primarily grown in Peru and Bolivia). This is not true. NPR, one of the most trusted news sources, states that farmers growing quinoa do not only eat this grain crop themselves but also gain benefits from selling it abroad.