Caffeine comes to your help

8 reasons to drink coffee every day

Coffee has always been a favorite and debatable topic for scientists. Some believe that coffee is the evil drink and the cause of all diseases. The others can not live a day without coffee. A rule of thumb: everything is good in its measure. In this great coffee debate, we are going to tell you why you may want to drink coffee every day and why you should avoid drinking too much of it.

Unhealthy diet

If your everyday diet is far from ideal and our body does not get enough antioxidants, coffee is here to help you. Recent studies show that people who drink coffee get more antioxidants. It is especially so in winter, when we do not have enough seasonal fruits and vegetables in our diet. 

Coffee flavor

Coffee flavor relieves stress. It is widely believed that coffee helps to wakes us up in the morning and boost our energy levels. It is true. But this is not only due to caffeine. Coffee flavor has the same effect influencing certain areas of the brain, relieving stress and improving general well-being.

Incurable diseases   

Scientists found out that coffee may relieve Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s symptoms. However, patients should be very careful because too much coffee may be the cause of heart disorders.

Psychological help

A group of Harvard scientists found out that coffee reduces the risk of suicide by 50%. The fact is that caffeine in moderate amounts acts as an antidepressant. However, if someone is suffering depression, they should not drink too much coffee as it may lead to psychological disorders.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

If you were over the limit last night, coffee will help you to regenerate your liver and restore it to its normal function. But never drink coffee right after you have been drinking alcohol, it will have negative consequences on your heart. The studies show that people who drink coffee, have a 40% lower risk of liver cancer.

A beverage for genius

Caffeine is a neurostimulator and when it enters the brain, it inhibits sleep-inducing chemicals and makes the brain neural networks work faster.


Caffeine improves the metabolic rate by 11% making it possible to lose some weight. But never follow a coffee diet without a sensible meal plan because it will have negative consequences for the health of your heart and stomach.  


The research studies show that one cup of black coffee (no milk and sugar) reduce the risk of diabetes by 7%. And again remember that everything is good in its measure.