Low-Energy Shockwave Therapy to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Loss of erection in men is a common problem and there are many various medications and other methods to treat it. One of the most effective methods is low-energy shockwave therapy (ESWT). Researchers from the University of California claim that such physiotherapy may be a good alternative to popular Viagra and other medications which proved to be not sufficiently effective. 

Tom Lew says that currently, this is an experimental method. It was tested on animals and the scientists cannot say for sure that ESWT really helps people because physiology is a unique thing. Anyway, there is hope that this method will help men with erectile dysfunction. 

For the recent decade, 14 experiments since 2005 were analyzed. More than 800 men took part in the experiments. Most of them developed erectile dysfunction as a result of poor flow blood to the penis but not because of neurological or psychological problems.

 Low-energy shockwave therapy was individual for each patient with different session duration and number and different duration of the entire therapeutic course. In some cases, the therapy was not successful but the specialists still concluded that this method can really help to manage erectile dysfunction.

Scientists say that ESWT is the best option for men who developed erectile dysfunction as a result of poor flow blood to the penis. It should be noted that this method cannot be recommended for everyone and in some countries, it is not approved yet.