Myths and facts about low libido

Such topics as sex, satisfaction and desire are not typically discussed openly in our society. I think you agree that it is very embarrassing to tell even your best friends about your low libido. This is why myths and misbeliefs appear. People hear myths about sex and popular opinions about dissatisfaction in bed and believe that there is nothing to do about it.

Here are the most popular myths about libido.

  1. Low libido is a sign of some abnormality.

If you have a low libido, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Do not overwhelm yourself thinking how to boost it. There is evidence that libido may fluctuate during the life. Low libido is a problem only when it bothers you. For example, you rarely have a sex desire but physiologically you are willing to have sex often. This is also absolutely normal.

  1. Low libido is only about women.

Many believe that low sex drive is only a female concern. This is not so and scientists proved that only 40% of women have low libido. Men have a low sex drive in 25% of cases. Testosterone is a hormone that is responsible for libido and in women’s body the level of testosterone is lower than in men.

Men often hide the fact that they have a low libido as they are afraid that people will think wrong of them. Actually, there is no link between a sex desire and masculinity or femininity. If you worry about your low libido, consult your doctor. This problem can be solved.

  1. Hormones are culprits when it comes to low libido.

People may experience hormonal imbalance that impacts the sex life of the partners. However, the problem is not only in the hormones. Low libido may be caused by psychological problems and diseases. For example, a person may experience stress and depression, arthritis and hypertension.

Even imbalanced diet and bad habits may lead to failures in sex life. Some issues during sex such as pain, dissatisfaction can lower libido. You should understand and accept those factors that impact your libido and try to eliminate them.

  1. Low sex desire does not affect sex life

Of course, sex is not the main thing in a marriage. But can a relationship last without sex?

Hot men may lose their self-confidence in the absence of sex. A person may feel lonely and needy when there is no sex in their life.

If you want to save your relationships, you want to take into account the needs of your partner. When you don’t have a sex desire, caressing may help to satisfy your partner and give him pleasure.

  1. Nothing can be done with low libido

This is a popular myth: if you have no desire, don’t have sex. This is wrong and the problem may be solved:

  • change your lifestyle;
  • consult your doctor;
  • stop taking medications;
  • take ginseng root to restore vitality;
  • maintain a balanced diet, walk and exercise regularly.

The key to happy relationships is talking. Do not shy away from communicating with your partner and sharing your problems with libido, experiment, try something new (toys, new positions). Learn to feel and listen to your body, tell your partner what you want and it will be a win-win.

  1. Emotional closeness is much more important than sex

Many mistakenly think that a married life is just fine without sex and trust and emotional closeness are more important. I hope you will agree that sex is good both for a psychological and physical health of any person.

Conclusion: it ‘s good for healthy people to arouse and have a sex desire. Sex brings new emotions and sensations in your life, it helps you break out of your everyday routine.

Many sexologists believe that it is important to solve the problems you may have in your sex life. Healthy sex life is useful and helps you to relieve tension and stress.

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