Oxygen Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Oxygen therapy is a new alternative to manage erectile dysfunction. Israeli scientists claim that breathing in 100% oxygen under high pressure (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) doubles the incidence of a prolonged erection in men with erectile dysfunction.

The study involved 30 men who were having daily 90-minutes sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for two months. After the study, 63% of the subjects were diagnosed with mild erectile dysfunction or no erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, the treatment was successful even for those men for whom Viagra did not work.

Pure oxygen penetrates the tissues making it possible to form new healthy stem cells and enabling the growth of new blood vessels. This process is known as angiogenesis and it is believed that it increases blood flow to the penis improving male sexual function.

The scientists from the Tel Aviv University, Israel reported better sexual function among the participants after collecting data based on the surveys and MRI scans of seven penises. All seven MRI scans showed increased blood flow to the penis both during and after the therapy.

Statistics say that one out of five men under 45 years old in Great Britain suffers erectile dysfunction and two-thirds of men older than 45 years old.

Arteries get narrow with age decreasing blood flow. While stress, alcohol abuse, and psychological factors, the main cause of erectile dysfunction is impaired vessels, for example high blood pressure or high cholesterol.      

Doctors typically recommend to change habits, lose weight, give up smoking and reduce alcohol drinking. To manage erectile dysfunction, doctors also prescribe such medications as Viagra, Cialis (Tadalafil), and Stendra (Avanafil). Unlike these medications, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be a long-term solution and men have a chance to bring back spontaneity into their sexual life. Raj Persad, professor and urologist from the Bristol Urology Associates claims that normal erectile function depends on good circulation and oxygen exchange in tissues. He believes that hyperbaric oxygen therapy may activate new blood vessels increasing oxygen intake. However, further studies are needed to compare the therapy’s action with such medications as Viagra.