Physical activity for your heart

It is very important to exercise regularly to make your heart stronger. 1-2 workouts a week is quite enough. There is scientific evidence that when we get older, the arteries become harder which increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases including heart attack and stroke. The risk is even greater when you have a sedentary lifestyle.

Researchers conducted several studies to find out how much time people should exercise to protect their heart and vessels from aging. 102 volunteers aged 60 years old and over. They were assigned o 4 groups:

  1. inactive – less than 2 workouts a week for 30 minutes;
  2. moderately active – 2-3 workouts a week;
  3. active – 4-5 workouts a week;
  4. experienced – every day or with one break during a week.

Researchers observed the changes in elasticity of the arteries. The results of the studies showed that each number of workouts has its effect on the health of different groups of arteries.

Short workouts help to maintain the health of the arteries that provide blood to the neck and head. More intensive workouts are needed to have stronger arteries that supply blood to thoracic organs and abdominal cavity organs. To protect these arteries, it is recommended to exercise 4-5 times a week.

Researches agree that these data are not 100% accurate as the studies did not take into account the type of trainings, demographic factors, lifestyle of every participant and all these things have a great impact on the cardiovascular system.

However, the results of the studies may be helpful in developing training programs for a healthy heart. Do not wait until you are old and make your heart stronger now. It is impossible to make your cardiovascular system better in a month or even in a year. As scientists say, at least two years of regular exercises are required to make your heart stronger.

Every day you want to be as active as possible. For example, you can run when you walk your dog or walk back home instead of driving. Choose activity that suits you the most. You will help your heart and will get positive emotions.