Running: What are the benefits besides weight loss?

Have you heard that running can increase your brain activity? Actually, it has way more advantages! Click the link to find out what they are.
Besides being extremely helpful for losing weight, running is also an excellent activity to find your spirit and create harmony in the body. The reasons so many people hate this activity are quite obvious. It’s mostly associated with physical discomfort, then with an unpleasant smell, coupled with the fear of being embarrassed because you are not fast or fit enough.

When you start running, you do it regularly to burn calories after eating excess cake, ice cream or a glass of beer. But doing it only to afford yourself “harmful” products is completely wrong approach. Treat it not just as the mean to “punish” body, but as a possibility to become physically and emotionally stronger.


Running will make you feel physically strong, especially if you regularly sprint. When you swiftly rush forward, you experience feelings that are normally unavailable to you in your daily life.

Running makes you appreciate your body. The feeling of reaching the next level as you get faster or you running more kilometers is great. Yet, even a slow three-kilometer jog can bring you great pleasure.

It helps you to process thoughts and enhances your inner state.

Being constantly busy as well as tied to a smart phone or computer, we hardly have any time to concentrate on our mind and feelings. Many of us are effortlessly distracted and often feel the need to be more productive. Running can help you deal with these distractions.

Moreover, running can help you to discover harmony within yourself and master your emotions. It will help you to transform anger into joy, redirecting all your negative energy into physical movement and thus ridding you of negative thoughts.

Feel alive!

When you run you feel a sense of joy and excitement. Runners don’t experience this all the time — even professionals are slow and tiredfrom time to time — but those periodic charges of adrenaline make running really worth it.

Time for you

One of the best ways to relax is to turn on your favorite music and run, enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. Even if you run through the stone jungle, you better know your city.

The main thing is to find yourself in the world, while feeling the interaction of your body, thoughts, emotions, music and all the scenery around you.

Feel healthy!

Among all fitness exercises as well as diets, running plays a major role. It helps you to feel as healthy as possible. Running can be one of the sports you practice, but you can quickly grow to love it because of the effect it has on your body.

When you run, you enjoy the feeling and don’t burn out at work anymore. There’s no need to carefully monitor your training program, unless you’re preparing for a marathon. You can temporarily give preference to another sport, and then later return to running. If you’re running to lose some additional pounds, you’ll enjoy it so much the weight loss will happen naturally.