Sex is not only a pleasure, but it is also a benefit

Are there any health benefits of sex? Is it really a prescription for a longer life? Does it boost immunity and helps you look 5-7 years younger? We collected scientifically viable facts on this hot topic.

We bet you like sex but you never thought about health benefits of sex. However, it was proved that regular intercourse is very beneficial for the human body.

  • Say ‘no’ to painkillers

The Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine published an article about the anesthetic action of sex. During sex, our body produces endorphin and it lowers the pain threshold. When endorphins enter the blood stream, they immediately provide the anesthetic effect. Those partners who refuse sex because of a headache just do not know that they miss a nice chance to relieve the pain.

  • Sex may treat diseases

Immunoglobulin A is responsible for fighting illnesses in our body. It is more actively produced in those people who have sex at least, twice a week. However, as studies show, more intercourses is not a panacea from all diseases. Know when to stop and you will be fine.

  • Sex fights stress

You may notice that you can’t fall asleep after some past or forthcoming events. When you are overwhelmed thinking about this, have sex and relax.

The results of the study show that after sex people are more psychologically stable and stress-resistant. Sometimes, a tender touch is enough to get an anti-stress effect.

An interesting fact: several couples were hugging or holding hands for 10 minutes. As a result, their reaction to stress when they had to speak in the public was much healthier.

There is evidence that hugs lower blood pressure and are good for a heart rhythm.

  • Benefits for the heart

The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is lower when partners have sex once or twice a week. These results were published by the scientists from Massachusetts after on 2010 they conducted an experiment with nearly 1.000 male participants.

The same experiment showed that sex has a protective action. The scientists link the benefits of sex with those positive emotions and physical pleasure a person experiences during sex.

  • Good for the brain

This benefit was found as a result of experiments with rats. Sex may really improve brain functions.

The study was conducted in 2010 and researchers found a higher level of a brain substance responsible for memory in pairing rats.

  • Sex and youth

Those who have sex regularly feel and look better. Sex is really good for health and healthy people tend to look younger. Other than that, during sex, youth hormones are produced which improve skin elasticity.

The University of Edinburgh studies showed that couples who have sex at least, 4 times a week look 10 years younger and more sexually attractive than people of the same age who avoid sex. Adrenaline, dopamine and other hormones released during sex, relax the muscles and prevent premature wrinkles.

  • Why look for youth elixir?

In 1997, a study evaluating the link between an orgasm and a lifespan was conducted. The Welsh researchers analyzed sexual activity of men aged 45 to 59 years old.

The researchers found that people who experienced two or more orgasms a week died from heart diseases more rarely than those who had an orgasm once a month.

Sex is important for the body. This is the conclusion of George David Smith, the author of several scientific publications.

Finally, healthy and regular sex is a guarantee of the well-being and life free from cardiovascular diseases. Sex is beneficial for the brain and helps you look younger.