Vessel Restoration Surgery for Treating Impotence

Vessel restoration surgery is used to improve the blood supply to the penis, enabling men to sustain an erection. Since this particular surgery is technically difficult, expensive and not always effective, it’s very rarely used.

What happens during the operation?

Consultation with the doctor

The surgery usually includes bypassing the blocked arteries by joining the arteries of the abdominal cavity to the arteries of the penis. In this way, blood inflow to the penis is created by skipping the blocked area that was preventing a normal blood supply.

Who needs this operation?

This operation is needed only by a small percentage of men. These are typically young men suffering from erectile dysfunction as a result of trauma to the penis or the adjacent sites of the body. If you fall within this category, then check with your doctor whether you can have vessel restoration surgery to solve your erectile issue.

How effective is the surgery?

Unfortunately, the long-term effects of this surgery are rather disappointing. Improvement only occurs in one case out of 20, even in the best-case scenarios. However, the effectiveness of the treatment for young men who suffered damage to their arteries through pelvic or genital injury is much greater.